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I have had a hot start problem for a while. I looked at the battery,-ok checked voltage ,did draw test ect. Nexted looked at Alternator- no 14 volts at  full output. So I replaced the starter after all it was 10 years old-but this did not cure this intermented conditition.Turns out my problem on my 26 year old Vanagon was in fact the ground cable witch mounts right behind the right front tire were it can lots of water and salts thrown on it .  Not good , so I cleaned it up wth a wire wheel and used dialectic grease.So heads up you need a good clean current path to move that amperage.



Bill Witz 84 westy Tiico.

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Seems like it's always the ground. :)
i had a set of old corroded cables stop my bus from starting a few months back. Just out of the blue she wouldn't turn over, and after a few tests in the hospital parking lot we narrowed it down to crappy cables.
So swap those puppies out, and do your fuel lines too!

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