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Hola amigos,....I'll be driving south to guatemala/belice sometime in April.  Leaving in April and coming back in June. I will go via Baja CA and then the pacific coast south,and returning via Veracruz to Brownville Tex. and hwy 10 to Cali.....I have done this trip 3 times before. I'll be driving an 86 syncro westy....I'm looking for a "tripmate" to travel in my van, or someone driving south that wants to ride together-caravan-.....times and length of trip are flexible.


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Always wanted to do a trip like this- Side question, do you think a rear wheel drive 79 westi can make the trip? or is it a syncro only terrain?

Hola,....it all depends on the season.Southern mexico and Guatemala have sub tropical weather during the rainy season, I mean when it rains roads can turn into rivers  fast, and if you are off the pavement on a dirt road you might as well get a beer and relax....But during the dry season, you would have no problem with Dharma Van. ..rainy season starts in may and it goes to sep/oct..there are many "combis"(vw buses) that travel on the Panamerican higway south....by the way I couldn't get anybody to travel with me this time,I don't want to travel by myself, so I'm going to South East Asia instead....happy trails.


Eduardo - muchas gracias - one day I will drive from SF to Buenos Aires where I was born ! Have fun in Asia !



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