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Maybe I'm an idiot for never realizing this before.

It's a pain to remove the car seat, and then find a place to stow it, when you're camping. Melissa spontaneously had a brilliant (or obvious) idea: Don't bother folding out the Z-bed at all, leave the car seat installed, and just use the big cushion in back as a bed unto itself.

Granted, this only works if mom and dad can sleep up top (sorry ≤1973 Westy owners), if the kid is small enough and amenable, and you still can't get stuff from under the seat (only an issue for '74 and '75, I think).

For her part, it seemed to excite E that she'll have a space like that, all her own. We showed her that she could sit up and knock on the ceiling to get our attention if need be, and that it'd be impossible for her to roll out of bed.

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I love that idea. We had been just not using the top bunk and having it as storage. The car seat would live up there as well. The last trip I slept up top and Penny & Maizy slept down below. Once Penny gets used to sleeping by herself better, I'm going to try this out. :)

Jeremy - we do the same thing. Oak and EP down below, me and the car seat up top (Gotta love the Riv top).


But I like Mitch's idea. I always thought the kid should be up top, but by switching it, we could keep the table up and keep the living space cleaner. Good idea!


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