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I've seen this campground in SE Colorado, but the description reads like it's on the California coast. What do you think? Can the icon be moved or renamed?


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Not sure if the one in Big Sur is related to the one in CO. Big Sur is a very pretty area but honestly I am so afraid of this part of PCH (HUGE dropoff on cliffs freaks me out) that I will likely never check it out.


Now that I zoom into the campsite, Mary, I'm seeing it's just south of Colorado, in northern New Mexico. I wonder if this is a mistake in naming, location, or something else. Do you know if someone monitors this so we could send a hint?


Don't know. Here is the one in Big Sur: http://www.fernwoodbigsur.com/

perhaps you could call or email to see if they are related to the one in Southern CO?


Fixed. It's definitely in California.

It's a nice place but not worth $55 a night.

They have a great restaurant and bar just up the stairs.


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