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Greetings.  This place is east of Madera about 60ish miles.  The last nine miles are slow going.  It was in the low hun's so I didn't stay long although camping gear was in hand.  The CG didn't turn me on.  It was carved out of the hill side.  There are some level spots but nothing to brag about.  The dust was thick.  Lots of OHV trails.  Surprisingly, there was water coming over the falls.  I saw evidence of larger water flows but it's been a dry year.  I then continued up the NF 8S09 road for about two miles to Camp 5.  It was a flat spot on top of the ridge and fairly level.  I could see up to ten vehicles circled easily with others tucked in here and there.  I'm not sure how long the general area stays open.  I think Whisky falls CG is open from June -Oct.

It is a long way from my house just to see a flat spot on top of a ridge.

My next adventure will be out Rt 4 toward Arnold and beyond since it's closer and quicker to some NF lands.


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