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The other day Melissa and Tater Tot had a surprise waiting for me when I got home from work.

A real Westfalia child's cot!
We actually got some time ago. It didn't quite fit, and we were thinking about how to deal with it when the crankshaft snapped and suddenly it didn't seem very important. 
The crossbars' length varied through the years and this one is (apparently) incorrect for a '74. What to do, what to do. Get the right one? Nah, too much of a pain. Reposition the mounts in the cabin? Well, we try not to drill holes into Ludwig unless it's really worth it. Make everyone else's original Westy cots worth a little more by having the crossbars cut and lengthened on ours (i.e., destroying it)? Sure.

Esmé informed us she won't be sleeping on it until she gets bigger, "like four". And that until then, she'll play cards and dominoes on it.

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