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Camped at the Sea Rim State Park located in the South-East Corner of Texas near Port Arthur.  Port Arthur is the site of a loat of refinery work.  Sabine Pass has a history of being a valuable military asset since it is possible for boats to proceed up this river delta.  It was the site of a Civil War battle that the Confederacy won.   Near the memorial site are several large machines, perhaps they are drilling rigs under construction.

I stopped for barbecue at Vinces in Port Arthur and encountered an Asian family run establishment that could barely speak English.  I purchased two pounds of barbecued crawfish.


Sabine Pass War Memorial with large machines in the background.


 The nature walk at Sea Rim SP passes over a shallow lake clogged with vegatation that enables lots of mosquitotes to hatch.


Sunrise at Sea Rim State Park.  Water only hookups, considered primitative camping.



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