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Sabine Pass, Texas

Camped at the Sea Rim State Park located in the South-East Corner of Texas near Port Arthur.  Port Arthur is the site of a loat of refinery work.  Sabine Pass has a history of being a valuable military asset since it is possible for boats to proceed up this river delta.  It was the site of a Civil War battle that the Confederacy won.   Near the memorial site are several large machines, perhaps they are drilling rigs under construction.

I stopped for barbecue at Vinces in Port Arthur…


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Grand Isle, Lousiana

After completing my visit in Alabama, I decided to head to Grand Isle State Park located on the southernmost road in Lousiana.  Grand Isle has a storied history, today it is mostly vacation homes called "camps" built on pillars to allow the flooding to pass undernearth.  Not as I imagined; no tall cypress trees with hanging moss.  The frequent hurricanes keep it trimed pretty flat. The nearby Inter Coastal Waterway is the site of a lot of tug boat activity and they work all night.  It was…


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Lake Choctaw, Mississippi

I planned to camp at the Jeff Busby site on the Natchez Trace but it seemed a little too barren and uninviting so I continued on and came across the Lake Choctaw federal campsite, not on the Rand McNally map, in the TOMIBGEE National Forest.  More tall trees, a local secret perhaps.  The camp ground host indicated that he had a nice bunch of regulars that took good care of the place.


The campsite ...…


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Texarkana, Texas

After spending a night with relatives near Lawton Oklahoma, I proceeded to drive east on US-85.  I wanted to avoid the Inter State Highways as much as possible.  I stopped for the night to camp at Atalanta State Park  near the North-East corner of Texas among some very tall trees. The large lake nearby was formerly called Lake Texarkana, now known as the Pat Wightman Lake.  It was renamed to honor a long time East Texas congressman.…


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Road Trip May, 2013, Day 1.

I celebrated my 71st B'Day by embarking from Colorado Springs, Colorado on a road trip that covered much of Texas.  My furthest east destination was  in Alabama. 

Capulin Volcano east of Raton,  New Mexico.


US 64-87 leading straight ahead.…


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