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My wife and I are long-time VW Camper owners.  In August, we are going to go from the Seattle area to Raleigh, NC, be on the East coast for three weeks and then come back to Seattle (leaving from Raleigh).  I am hoping that someone in the VW Camper Family can suggest a good route (or two!) there and back that is not too heavy on the freeways and that would include fun and interesting things to do and see along the way.  ANY SUGGESTIONS??  Thanks very much in advance, CF members!

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Comment by whc03grady on June 17, 2011 at 9:56pm
I'd probably do it something like this, but maybe it's just a reflection of my prejudices.
Comment by Stephen Robbins on June 27, 2011 at 1:27pm

The route suggested looks great. We tend to think about the things we want to see and then let that determine our direction. Try to get in the Grand Teton NP but don't you dare miss Yellowstone. If you do the Grand Teton then a better route could be straight South to Utah right down to the North Rim of the Grand canyon and then head East from there. Spectacular scenery. Problem is... you can't do it all... but if you are that far south as you head East one of the most moving places we have visited is the site of the Oklahoma Bombing in O City.  Taking this Southern route you do miss a couple of less exciting Mid West states.

 A highlight that you miss by a few hours on the way back is the Michigan UP and in particular Painted Rocks National Lakeshore on Lake Superior. You could even choose to take the Eastern side of Lake Michigan for both Northern Mich and the UP, which is a bit further again but just a thought. Going this far North just means you'll be heading back West through ND rather than SD, probably more highlights in ND around the Lewis and Clark expedition. Be sure to do both the North and South Theo Roosevelt Parks in ND. North is less crowded and less commercial but the camping is magnificent and dirt cheap, and plenty of wildlife. Have fun, we may see you on the road if we can get back on the road by August

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