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I am in the Rochester area and I am considering purchasing the Bus in the photo.  It s beautiful, but needs some engine work and transmission work.  

Is there anyone in the area that would be willing to take a look at the bus?  It is in Fairport.  I would be happy to compensate anyone for there time to take a look at it.  Also looking for a direction for having work done long term.  


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That is a really sharp bus.

There's a guy not atrociously far from you who you might get in touch with. He doesn't have a proper shop and all, but you'll not find a mechanic in this country (or likely, in this hemisphere) more committed to and knowledgeable about air-cooled VWs like yours. Go here, register, then go here and add to the conversation. Or pm him privately; his handle is 'Amskeptic'.


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