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Hi again...picked up "Eleanor" 10 days ago in Tennessee.  She did great for the first two days and then kept stalling at every stop light and stop sign.  Took her right to the shop here in town and the mechanic hasn't even had time to look at her.  soooo sad.  All he told me was that she was only firing on 3 out of 4 cylinders.  I am trying to be patient, but I know I am at least a week away from a true diagnosis, and then probably 1-2 weeks away from any repairs being finished.  I live in a small town so my options are limited.  Mechanic drove VW's for 25 years and loves them...he is just swamped.  I really miss her. :-(

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Hope your news turns out to be good! My '78 has had issues like that in the past. I've replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump...I'm pretty sure the problem is I have a ton of rust and crap in the gas tank, and it eventually gets sucked into the filter and fuel pump and clogs them. I need to pull the gas tank, clean and reseal it with the POR-15 kit. You can do a search on http://ratwell.com/ and he explains it there pretty good - I believe whc03grady on here has documented the process as well on his blog - http://www.ludwigandgertie.com/Not sure if yours still has fuel injection, but it came that way from the factory, so it may be something to think about, or talk to your mechanic about. Good luck!

thank you for your response...i will keep you posted.  Took the mechanic dinner today...in hopes of getting bumped to the top of the priority list!  not too proud for bribes!
Sometimes our bus needs a little love from a mechanic. Once the bugs
Are worked out she will treat you well. 

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