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A bus meet up/ camp out in Montana? Trying to Gauge Interest!

I am contemplating putting together a bus event in Montana next summer. Glacier Park in Montana is beautiful and with as much time as we have we can plan a great bus campout/drive! Just let me know in comments if you are interested and what dates, lets say 3-4 days over a weekend in Mid to late June through early august! Ill take care of the rest! Hope to hear from a lot of you! Excited to be part of a great group!

Jake F 

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Mid, late July, early August is good for me (I've been kind of planning something VW-related for mid-August for some time now).

Let's you and me talk about things. I have a (very incomplete, I'm sure) list of ACVW people in Montana if you'd like to see it and promise you wouldn't abuse it. Friend me here and I'll PM it to you if you'd like.

What is ACVW list?

Bob V.

I would like to be there.  it's not to far from my home in Cody, Wy. and we have gone much further to go to a bus meet.

Bob V.

ACVW=air-cooled Volkswagen
Bob Vaughn said:

What is ACVW list?

Bob V.

Sounds like fun. We (I) have been talking about a trip like this for awhile. We are open just about any time after the snow melts up there. We are in Ca.

Sounds like some interest, so ill get to talk to the park to see when I can reserve some spots. once the parks open again anyway. Ill post more details soon! 

 Hello there guys...new to this site. We own a 1977 vw campmobile and have been in the process of trying to find some campouts/festivals to attend down under in the USA. Yes, we are from Canada, but not far from Montana so would be interested in a possible campout there this summer. We are also hoping to head down the Oregon coast a ways next Aug/Sept. and are looking to hook up with a festival or two at that time. Let me know when and where you might get something going in Montana and we will definitely try to attend. Haven't had time to update my info on this site but will soon. Thanks,


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