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I have been doing some research on how to hook up a 2nd battery for camping. It seems like there are a thousand different opinions on how to do this.  Does anyone out there have a simple straight forward explanation of how to go about this?

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Thanks Douglas! So the blue metal thing is called an isolator? And there should be a wire running from the center post to the + on the alternator? Anything else look out of place?
Google Sure Power battery isolators, the site has very good diagrams for the battery isolators. From the photos everything else looks hunky dory.
Awesome - thanks so much!

My neighbor works on sailboats and ocean going boats... he wrote down exactly what I needed to do, I took it to Myer's RV in Torrance, CA and the owner Jeff and his crew made it happen.  I had them install 2 batteries and tie them in with a four way elector, a new fuse box with additional expansion capabilities, etc.  So far, it has worked well for me.

I was just about to do this! I appreciate all your previous leg work and will gladly reap the profits. :D

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