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I was curious if anyone on the list attends any music festivals with their Buses/Vans/Westfalias? 

I attend "The Joshua Tree Music Festival" http://www.joshuatreemusicfestival.com twice a year (May & October).

Just trying to find some more like-minded folks at these events :)


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There is a big group of VW-ers at High Sierra Music Festival each year. We brought a camper this year, but had brought our bus for the 3 years before that. It's a VW type of festival...

Yes we go to a some in N California. A lot of camper vans show up. Have allages from little ones to "A touch of gray"

Always wanted to go to Joshua Tree

Kate Wolf is one of our favorites. Very well run and lots of like people. That one is a true Westy fest...

Closer to us in Sacramento

California World Fest

And a smaller same location but lot of fun

KVMR Celtic Fest

This one got re located due to the fires around Yosemite

Strawberry Music Fest

I attend the Old songs festival in Altamount, NY every year,  (Have been going for 30+ yrs!)  It is a great 3 day event with camping on the grounds!  3 years ago, there were 2 VW'S there, Last year, there were 6!!  Good to have some company!!  Anne

   VW Bus Camp at Burning Man is the ultimate festival place to take your bus.

  There are usually 60 or so buses and some really cool folks!

  And then there's the whole Burning Man thing going on all around you as a bonus!

The KVMR Celtic Festival is next weekend. A lot more low key and less crowded then most of the others. 

We will be there in the Orley Blue 1990 Westyhttp://kvmrcelticfestival.com/

I've joined VW Bus Camp list and look forward to next year :D

It was amazing, totally awesome and I encourage all to go!

RicMoVida said:

Hey William,

Just curious, did you attend the festival.  If you did, how was it?  

High Sierra!! Always a blast

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