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Hi all. My wife and I are going to Big Sur this weekend. Sadly we only have one night free. Does anyone have a great campground/secret camping spot suggestion for that area?...Or maybe you'd like to bring your bus down for the night as well? Thanks!!

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Hi...I was trying for later in the month but it's booked pretty solid there. I managed to get a spot at Fremont Peak State Park. Never been there, but it seemed like the best option, with some great views of Monterey Bay, according to the description....Used ReserveAmerica to book it....maybe there's still something open....Good luck...
I've read that Kirk Creek campground in Big Sur is really nice with great views of the coast. It has 25 sight which are first come first serve so maybe if you get there early enough you will get a site.
Great question. We have managed to find them at Pfeiffer in the off-season. http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=570. Probably nothing left now. If you find a cool place or the first come first served works out, let us know. It'd be great to know some secret spots in Big Sur.
This is free NFS camping, quoted from an e-mail from Larry Chase a few years back. I haven't been there but I know others who have. The road going up seems kinda gnarly.

"If you are interested in something with more mountain, less beach and
incredible views. Just South of Big Sur there is some great remote Camping in Los Padres National Forest.
my favorite spot .......
Make a Left Turn off Highway 1 (going South) around 4-5 miles south of
Lucia onto Nacimiento-Ferguson Road . Beautiful scenery on the way up. Follow this paved road approx 12 miles to a junction at the top. Two dirt roads will intersect Nacimiento-Ferguson Road.
Take the right hand dirt road and travel maybe 5 miles. At one point there will be a left turn off ..... pass this and stay on the original road.
Now the hard part ....... At apprx this point the road splits. Take the left fork a few hundred feet to the top of the hill you see from the fork. Stop. You will be presented with a panoranmic view of the Coastline or a lovely
grey blanket of fog below. Absolutley breath taking.
Note .... Camping is primitive .... no facailites and free.But will need a National Forest Adventure Pass .....

Ventana is a nice campground. If you want something remote drive to the top ofNacimiento-Fergusson Road South of Big Sur http://jrabold.net/bigsur/roadpt1050.htm

You can go left or right at the top of hill and remote camp.


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