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Hey anyone know a secret to filling up a VW (1978 Westy) at the stations down here without pushing half the Gas flowing outside on the bus...funky Vapor Capture Pumps - just won't seal right. Traveling through CA towards AZ for winter...but at the cost of Gas need to figure this one out ASAP. Thanks!!! RG and Gas Drenched Hotel VW :-(

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I've been fill up my '71 for 15 years and never had a problem.

i think if you just stick it in far enough it will just kind of work.



I guess that's the problem...I can't get it in far enough for the Pump Vapor Seal to go flat...hence it leaves a gap because of the angle of the Seal and the gas pumps out at the bottom. Guess I'll have to always carry a rag. Thanks for the input.

Adam said:

I've been fill up my '71 for 15 years and never had a problem.

i think if you just stick it in far enough it will just kind of work.



yea, Vapor probably escapes. But i usually don't get gas leaking.

I think some stations have easier o use pumps than others. 



  My '78 is the same way...     I frequently find non-compatable nozzles in my travels. 

 I fill the gap with a wad of paper towels, and hold it tight as possible.   I can at least keep the gas off of my paint, even if some hits the ground. 

  Don't let full service pump jockeys  force the nozzle in deep....  It will get stuck, then they will tear your rubber filler tube when they yank it out. Watch them like a hawk.  Replacing a torn fuel filler tube is not fun or easy.   Mine was a nightmare.



I have a '71 and a '78.  The '71 is never a problem, but the '78 has the filler farther back which necessitates an L shaped hose to get to the tank. It can take a few tries, but usually I can find a "sweet spot" where it doesn't leak.  I usually try and get the nozzle as far in as possible, and point straight down.  Another side note, I have a California bus and it had a rubber unleaded restrictor in the filler elbow.  With all this fussing with the new nozzles, part of the rubber beak tore off and went into the gas tank. As it was floating around in there sometimes it would cover the fuel outlet and I would have a really bad bucking problem.  As a result now I have a new fuel pump, filter, hoses, and rebuilt injectors before I discovered THAT problem....ahhh buses  :) 

   Mine had an unleaded restrictor thing at one time too.  I removed it many years ago... I couldn't use my military surplus jeep cans.   Glad nothing has fallen into my tank...  That would really suck :) 



Thanks everyone for the input. My 1978 CE Westy was originally imported into CA and had the Emission Set up...since we don't have to smog in North ID...I removed some of the EGR stuff. The Fuel Rubber was torn also and I replaced with a new Filler Neck when rebuilding the motor about 5K mi ago. I will try to find That Sweet Spot that allows the nozzle to fit correctly and also have some rags around-Ha! Maybe I'll invent a Nozzle Adapter to remedy this situation? ;-)

Safe Travels and Thanks again for the tips and input! RG and Hotel VW

There is a thread about this on itinerant air cooled . Some people were unscrewing the cuff and rotating 180 degrees , I guess it works but I doubt the gas stations like it .
I thought about that Ryan...but then decided I don't have enough Bail Money-Ha!

Yeah it seems a little sketchy . So how have your travels been?


Ryan G said:

Yeah it seems a little sketchy . So how have your travels been?


Well Ryan although I didn't get to meet up with you (because something came up with Health issues) Hotel VW and I are heading South towards San Diego next (in about 3 weeks) and after visiting friends...headed towards the Desert Areas for Winter and warmth. How you been? Any adventures? Stay Warm up there-RG and Hotel VW


The easiest thing I've found is to just pump slowly.  If you push in the nozzle as far as you can (without forcing it in), it'll still have that gap on the bottom.  Then just fill slowly and listen to the sound of the gas going in.  When the pitch gets higher (similar to filling a water bottle) you know you're getting full and can stop filling.


If you get lucky, you might find a few gas stations that have the longer fill spouts, and then the above method isn't needed.

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