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Hey all - We have a 77 Riviera (the top pops straight up, not hinged on either end). The whole mechanism works on 4 scissor type jacks that are assisted by springs. Our springs are old and replacement is a pain and the they don't make the springs anymore.

Alternatives are linear actuators or gas shocks which both are a custom solution and there isn't much room for a neat instal. So I found this :  http://www.rvairlifters.com.au/

We are originally from Australia and were back home 3 weeks ago and picked up a set. Just finished putting them on last night and they work like a charm. It takes 10-15 seconds via a small 12 volt airpump to push the roof up including our 300w solar panel. I will add pics- if anyone will be at the Livermore event we will be there late friday night, most of Saturday.


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As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

Looks good and I'm sure they work great.

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