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Hey fellow campers.  Along with my (actually Kim's) new squareback, we acquired a bunch of Grateful Dead shows on tape.  15 years ago I would have been very excited about them.  The problem is that they are actually "tapes."  I don't have a cassette player anymore.  The really cool thing about them is that they are contained in a 1980s style cassette tape case.  I don't think I've seen one of those monstrosities since high school (It would be graduate school era for John, Joe, and Regis - old bastards)  There are also a few Allman Brothers and other like minded jam bands thrown in as well.  Would anyone like them? 


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No Moe, but The Band, CSN, Jerry Band, Bad Company, and some original recordings by the original owner of the car. I know that you're not really old, but it got your attention which was my true intent. Just waiting for replies from Joe and John. They've accepted their vintage, just as I've accepted my baldness.

Regis said:
old basterd? Not until I hit the five-O. Even then I won't go down without a fight.

Hey got any moe. in there???
Yeah! I'll give them a good home! :-) I'll pay for shipping!
Yeah. Ill take them. I have a cassett player. Im one of those ole bastards...................LOL
Do you still have them? Let me know and we can arrange p/u.

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