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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for some tips on how to build my own fire pit. The festval I am going to does not have them. They suggest using a galvanized steel tub and drilling holes in the bottom. Of course Cinder Blocks and Sand are involved as well. What do you use in this situation? Any and all advice is welcome and appreciated. 



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I see that the hip kids these days are taking old washing machine tubs and using them as mobile fire places.

John, do you have any of these left?



Best thing to use is the drum out of an old washing machine !!!! All the holes are already drilled.

OH Wow! I like that dragon wing thing, that's a cool idea! The washing machine tubs are a great idea too! 


I "third" the washing machine tub scheme.

And it helps to have a pal weld three legs onto the bottom of the tub, tho.

(Not four, three. I said three!)

A tripod washing machine drum fire pit! I gotta get to the dump!

I bought a portable one from target.  The legs fold down so that it is very flat and has a carrying bag :) Fits nicely in the bus..

Seems like a washing machine tub would be cumbersome to haul! Maybe if it was cut down in half or something. Hmm.

Checkout Gary Marr's photo album, he has a picture of his washing machine drum fire place that he won at BBB.

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