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 Just an update . I was trying to get more hp out of my engine because I felt it being sluggish and I turn to you guys for help , and got some good solutions. But a weird change of events happened to my engine when I changed gas stations , prices are threw the roof and you got to shop around for the best price found a station down the highway a bit and it was ten cents cheaper than my regular station I always go to . Well after one tank full the bus starts right up ,smooth at idle , and it got some peep , don't know why but it works great and to boot it is some off brand company and before I was going to Exxon ,not anymore. Just passing some shit on. 

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I've got 2 gas stations to choose from ~ Off brand both of 'em, so I don't know how obscene "brand" name gas could be ~ But it's been creepin' into the $4.00 edge for a week, so I'm not gonna be suprised if it hits $4.00 by this weekend..an' oddly enuf, its a Holiday Weekend.hummm.............

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