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Hi All,

  My wife and I have a 1986 VW camper (Westfalia outfitted) with a "two burner" propane stove.  I had lost track of the last time I'd had the propane tank under the vehicle filled, and when we seemed to run out of propane and I went to a local source to get it refilled, I was told that the tank was full!  Has anyone else had this problem (full propane tank but the burners won't light), and if so, what did you do to fix it?  Thanks very much for any solutions or ideas!            Kim & Uta Kramer  

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Well, if you have been using it and then it seemed to run out, it might be out and the person that tried to fill it, just might not have known what he was doing or made a mistake. Of course, check to make sure the valve was not turned off, or a copper line could have got pinched close. Open the bleeder valve on the tank and that will tell you if there is propane in it. It should spray gas out nice and strong if it is full.

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Yes It has happened to me a few times.  It it most likely the person filling it is doing it wrong.  I started with a full tank and ran the fridge nonstop for 3 days and used the stove quite a bit, when I went to go get it topped off the other week the guy who tried to fill it said it was full and wouldn't take any propane at all. 

Just find somewhere with someone who knows how to fill it up right and take it to them, the 3.3 gallons seem to last quite a while.

I work at the natural gas company in our state.  You may have to replace the regulator that is after you tank and before your gas appliance.  The regulator may be locked up.  It would be safer to change it out than try to make a home repair-if the regulator is the problem.  Better safe than sorry.

...or buy a whole new tank from gowesty

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