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This probably has been around the horn a couple of times but perhaps you all could throw my way some ideas of heating during the night when its cold. Last month we were in Yosemite bundled up nicely but had to get up and at it in the AM when it was 32 degrees outside. Wow, was it cold. Put some info up so that we can get some good direction from all you experts on this cold weather camping for us rookies. Will a coleman heater heat up the inside of a westy or what else will work. thanks. Larry and Hilda

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I camp frequently in freezing weather. I use a buddy heater while hanging out in the evenings, usually with the slider cracked open to minimize condensation. I don't leave it on at night, because too much moisture will build up. I turn it back on in the am. I sleep with my head to the front, and can reach the heat without getting out of my bed. I am carefull not to drop a pillow onto the heater. (again.) I use sheets and blankets in my bed.... sometimes as many as 6 blankets and a thick down comforter. I only wear boxers, and a synthetic t-shirt to keep my shoulders warm. I put my pants in the bed next to me, so they are warm in the morning. I roll up a large towel and place it along the bottom of the back hatch by my feet to keep out any drafts. I also try to choose camping spots where the sun will hit early, and warm things up a bit before coffee time. Coffee and bare feet by the buddy heater, is a nice way to start a day. My bus is non- pop top, but I would leave it down if it was.

Gotta recommend the 0 degree sleeping bags and going naked with a hot water bottle. We heat water on the Coleman and pour into the rubber thing (let the jokes begin . . . ) which is thrown into the sleeping bag. Plenty warm. During my scout days camping near the too cold shores of Lake Erie our Scoutmaster (Listen up!) heated stones or baked potatoes, we placed those things in our really large all cotton sleeping bags from Sears.
We just got back from 5 days in Yosemite and used the heater buddy in the AM. Even on vacation we are early rises and the heater was exactly what was needed. No fuss, no mess. Mamma was happy. You've heard...If mamma's not happy, then.................you know the rest and she was happy.

We had a great time and even saw a couple of other Westy owners and had great conversation. The portable buddy worked perfect. Well there's my update even though it took a year.

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