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We are in the process of putting together a cabinet and countertop to put in The Pig... I was wondering if anyone out there could explain to me how the sink/stove combo is attached to the bus in a 74 Westfalia? 


If not, I'll figure out some way to jury-rig it! 





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A sink/stove combo in a '74 Westy?

In '74 and '75s, the sink is in one cabinet (on the driver's side) and the stove is in another cabinet (on the pass. side, above the fridge), thus:

In any case, they're just bolted through the floor on the bottom and screwed into the sheet metal at a few places up the sides, if I remember correctly.
Thanks Man! I appreciate the response! Hope all is well with you and yours! PEACE
Love the headliner Map! Ha Ha!

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