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Im a new member & my name is Phil Taylor im from across  ( England) the pond & drive a 1967 Westy

please can anyone direct to me where i can purchase a VW Camper Family Sticker from, Thanks

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Phil - send your mailing address to bigblueVW@gmail.com and I'll send you one. They are free!

Welcome to the family!

Hi Blue, Thanks very much !

Hi Phil. New member here also. My name is Brett and I have a 1968 westy and live in Chico California

Hi Brett, Pleased to meet you :-) Funnily enough im looking to get a nice early bay westy ive just put my 67 up for sale time for a change of direction

Ahoy M8! My wife and I also recently joined ourselves. We are in Roswell NM. Feel free to join our blog if you are so inclined. I'm Michael I was born in England myself. Newbury actually in Berkshire. Welcome to the VW camper family! Hope too hear from you sir...Michael

Hi Michael ! Pleased to meet you , yep i know Newbury its a nice part of the world of course i,ll join you'll blog i cant get enough of vw,s always good to keep in touch with "ex pats" hows life across the pond ?

Without trying to get political (something I do detest) life on this side of the pond is as well as can be expected. That is...since the sheeple only have as a choice a cult member or a known Islamic globalist to vote for this fall. Beyond that pretty well and good sir! From our family to yours we do hope that everyone is doing fine! Over the weekend I think I found one of those english motor vehicle road tax plate thingy's screwed to the bulkhead just behind the passenger seat. Here is a photo of it. I sent another photo of this plate yesterday so if this comes through as a duplicate I do apologize sir. Here it is.

Got any ideas? You can see where it clearly says UK. Imagine my amazement finding this in a bus Ive had for over 10 years, and being english myself the thought that my bus was once in england at one time is very exciting! No wonder those Union Jack stickers in the rear window looked and felt so right! ;)

Big smiles and Happy miles to you brother...Mike

Hi Michael, what youve found is the m code plate ( identity) plate that was installed on every bus that left the vw factory try this m code decoder it should enable to too work out what model you have etc etc for some reason when a bus left the factory if it wasnt a tourist delivery 1st port of export call was a uk port then shipped on to the the usa


Good day to you sir!

So both I and my bus actually have a UK connection then? Wow...now thats cool! Thank you very much for your time and effort with my question. Sorry about the large photo but I wanted to get you a good clear shot of the plate. As much as I detest those "side scoops" I would be interested in seeing your mates pop out billit scoops for sure.

They were billit right? Anyway I like the idea of being able to put them on for a roadtrip and then have them taken off for around town...yeah I want to check these out bro!

In closing Phil thank you again for your informative reply! As always...may you have big smiles and happy miles!



Here you go buddy , i know a few ppl in The Splitscreen Van Club are happy with them :-)


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