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I picked up a trailer hitch for my 71 and it turns out to be for a later Bay Window Bus. I paid $125 for it and I'm open to offers if anyone is in need of one?


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I'm interested, do you think it will fit my 79 westy? do I need to have it weld in place or is it a bolt on? I'm in Oakland CA.




The Dharma Van (LOST reference)

It should bolt into any 75-79 Bay Window. I can send down to you if you want to take a look at it or you can take a trip to Chico and we can try to fit it.
Any chance I can see a pic? Let me know about shipping to Oakland.
Email me your phone number or email address and I'll send a picture tonight. canterburyfour at gmail dot com.

today's date: feb 28, 2013


What year(s) trailer hitch will fit 1975 Bay Window?


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