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Hi, folks!


I just came back from looking at a campground on the Feather River, 55 miles north of Sacramento. It's very much like the Sandy Beach Campground at Rio Vista except for the lack of flush toilets and electrical hookups. There are porta-potties, which were clean and well-stocked. Although some bushes obscure the view of the river, there's an easy boat launch right at the park. 


It's pretty inexpensive: $10 a night per car for camping, $5 for day use. No category for extra vehicles; everything with a motor pays the ten bucks. Trailers, however, are not considered extra vehicles, so they're free. The site has picnic tables, barbeques, and firepits. No reservations are allowed, and they're probably not required, since this isn't a well-known campground.


For more info on the park, check out:






I'm thinking of going up there next weekend to actually camp for at least one night, to see how the camping is on weekends . Is anybody game for going with me? I know it's close to Ralph's event the following week, but perhaps there's somebody who won't be going to that one who wants to get their camping Jones taken care of for the month.


If it pans out, I think I'll organize another event there next month, probably on the weekend of the 9th or the 16th. My bus will be turning forty that month, and I figured that a birthday party would not be amiss. Once I decide that the site will work, I'll put it on the calendar and we'll see who shows up. I note that there are still no solid plans for Buses, Bikes and Bunkum, so this event will also be a place-holder; if BBB materializes, we'll just have the party there. (OTOH, if BBB doesn't materialize, we'll still have the BBB ---Bus's Birthday Bash.)

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Nice reconnaissance, John. I think it's worth trying. Was there any water available? I'd love to celebrate your bus's birthday with you as well as welcome Joe home from China, I assume. I cannot join you on the 9th but all the other weekends in April are open for me, unless I lose my mind and go to Syncrofest in Hollister on April 23. Not likely, too much envy. Count me in!
Yes, water is available at every campsite.
Perhaps this is a good spot for a Halloween-themed campout?
Now you're talking. We need a late October campout in No Cal, complete with bus decorations! Too bad Regis isn't here to check the Full Moon status for October.
Not to sound like an admin here, but perhaps this thread should migrate to Gold Country Campers? Just a thought.

Good call.


I moved the campground info into campground reviews.


I started a Halloween topic.


John - if you want to organize a BBB, let's start that in Gold Country Campers.


Discussion locked down.






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