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Hello all,


I'm in the process of restoring my 1972 Westy and like most geniuses I've lost the hardware screws for the luggage portion of the pop top along with the rubber  spacers!

Had everything in a bag that has gone missing and I'm not sure of the size or length of these screws if  anyone can help with this it would be greatly appreciated.


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No help yet, huh?

I'm not about to take off my luggage rack again (no offense) to find out the dimensions of some screws--and mine's the wrong year bus anyway--so I'd recommend a call or email to any of these places. You may be able to guess the dimensions at the hardware store, but why not be sure and get hardware that was actually performed the same function on an actual bus:

Busted Bus

Interstate Used Parts

German Supply


What you're looking for isn't listed anywhere on these sites btw, that's why I think you'll have to contact them. Undoubtedly they'll be pricier--probably by three times or more--but at least you'll get the right stuff and won't have to wait for measurements that aren't likely forthcoming.

My personal experiences with German Supply have been the best I've ever had with a VW vendor, for what it's worth. Scott might even measure the stuff for you so's you can buy it locally.




Shawn, I personally don't have any of this stuff, but check with GoWesty. Email or call their sales and they have stuff that's not on their website. -Blake

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