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Hi all my first post here. Sometime back there was talk of having to change burner jets if you wanted to use the Westy stoves in the mountains. I live in the flatlands (Chicago) but plan on camping in the Rockies next year. I have just installed a new tank and regulator. Can someone comment on what mods I will need for using the stove up there. Thanks and good luck.


85 Westy


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I used to live in North Carolina, and now live in Colorado. The stove in my bus has worked both places no problem. I'm at 6600 feet - not sure if it is a problem higher than where we are at, but it works fine here with no mods. I don't have a Westy stove, but it's a Country Homes Camper conversion, and I'm sure the stoves were pretty similar.


I just got back from camping at Virginia lake at 9500 ft and the stove worked just fine. 

Thanks Guy. That's good news for my Colorado trip next year. Too bad I'll be eating my own cooking.

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