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OK I have this scraping noise coming from the drivers side rear wheel...ONLY when I turn right. The noise is slow when going slow but is fast when going fast.

I have replaced the wheel bearings.  I also pulled the axle, removed, cleaned, re-lubed the cv joints.

No help.  I have noticed that I can only get one click from my emergency brake...2 if I pull hard.  Could that be the issue?  Or maybe the backing plate rubbing?  It's just odd to me that it only happens turning right.

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What year is the van?  How did you torque the rear wheels how many Ft. pounds?


'84 Camper 1.9

250 ft lbs

Most likely a warped rear  Brake Drum  or a high spot on in surface of the drum. Do you know who Torqued down the Axle Nuts?  The Torque value (the amount of force on Axle nuts)  is supposed to be 360 Ft. Lbs. Bad things can happen when they are not Torqued  Down correctly. You can loose wheels , wreck Axle shafts and be at  the side of the road hopefully unhurt. If the Brake Pedal is real firm think about backing the brakes off with the adjusters. 

Bill 84 Tiico Westy

Well I used a big torque wrench then put my breaking bar on it and stood on it giving it a bit more. I guess I can pull the hub tomorrow and take it to a shop on monday to have it turned and checked out.

Yep that is how i did mine as well. I checked it by jacking up each side and grab tire at 12 and 6 o'clock and feeling for play  you should not have more that 15 thousands. if more than get some one to help you hold the socket as you jump on bar and  re check play. My  Torque only goes to 250 too. but I have a dial indicator.


Ok well I will have the drum checked out Monday. I need to get it taken care of quickly. I have trips planned soon.

Wish I could say; "I know, I know"  but can't.

While you have the drum apart and before you have it turned, look on the inner edge and on the backing plate for bare fresh metal wear.  If the drum idea doesn't pan out.  Think about what is shifting and which direction on a right hand turn.

Figure, right means

leftward pressure on the transmission mount, front edge of tire outward

driver side wheel roll under which rolls the top out,  (low pressure would make worse)

force to separate wheel from transmission, so check ends of the axle

Look inside wheel well to see if there is any fresh wear marks

Think I am out of ideas.

Ok I fixed the problem. I'm still not sure what it was. I replaced the drum, brake pads and all the hardware in there. Funny thing though...as I was adjusting the brakes I noticed that the parking brake cable had wear marks on it where it had been rubbing on the tire. I really wish I had noticed that before ordering new parts. Ugh.

good, I was going to say check CV joints

Funny Story:

I had the same problem on my 81 Westy. I was certain that it was brakes, full replacement. Problem unresolved, I focused on the bearings...no luck. After several months of guessing I finally found the problem. It was the hub caps! I had the original "Castle" caps and when they heated up, they flexed and got noisy.

HAH.  I actually had it happen again on the rear right this time.  Turns out the axle bolt was loose about 1/4 of a turn...ugh.

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