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I am new to the Westy world and just love my van. I have a 1990 with the original square headlights that I need to upgrade for better night vision. 

I would like any impute on weather to go with upgrading the existing headlights with the high output halogen bulbs or convert to the duel 7 inch round lights and grill. I  have a grill, original set of Bosch H4 lights, and  buckets, in very good condition.  So at this point it's basically just the expence of the realies I am looking at. Being an old Euro car owner I do like the round headlight look a lot better. 

Any feelings about one over the other?

Thank all,


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Welcome John!

Splurge on a South African Grille with inner and outer driving lights. One of the best upgrades out there, especially if you drive at night a lot. All the online vendors sell it, Bus Depot, Van Cafe and GoWesty, to name a few.

You can use the grille and Bosch H4 lights you already have but there's nothing like quad lights to light up the night! And it looks good.

The S African grill was my first option I was going to go with. But I already have the early grill & single H4 lights. So for less then a total $100 investment I can upgrade. The S African would be an additional $400 . I drove many a Euro car with these similar lights and they worked fine. Especially being that the van can't go as fast. I really enjoyed meeting you and all at  Trainspotting last year. I hope to find the time to do more with you all.


I installed this kit on my 89 westy and it dramatically improved my nighttime driving visiblity.


Hi John,
The days of finding replacement square or more the rectangular lights is getting fewer available, as in, if you ever find a supplier, PLEASE let me know!
If you have the choice to switch to roundies and go with 60/55w halogen you won't need the relay kit, but if you want to upgrade to 90/100w halogen you will need the relay kits.
Depending on where you're located, I can recommend a few suppliers.

I just installed a relay kit yesterday into my 1981 westy with standard H4 bulbs. Definitely brighter and no more risk of burning the headlight switch contacts. The relay install ishould be the first thing on every list regarding headlight upgrades!




Love my SA kit and 100 watt halogen and the relay, thanks to Go Westy! But yes you should have the relay even with 55 watt.


yup the SA grill is on the short list of upgrades to be done for next year! Thus the reason for having the relay upgrade done already! Even with the standard H4 halogens it is definitely brighter!


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