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Taking a job in San Jose... Idea's for places to stay in my bus.

I'm taking a job in San Jose and wanted to see if anyone knows about places to stay in the bus near there.  The family will not be able to move out til next May and it will be quite a stretch to $$$ wise to rent a place.  

I will be able to shower and what not at work in the gym.  

Thanks in advance!


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Try this:


You can pay daily, weekly or monthly rates. It's about a 30 minute drive to downtown San Jose.

Looks like a nice spot - thanks for the tip!

You moved out here now?

Leaving Aurora Sunday the 19th, first day of work is the 23rd. I'll be working a Thursday to Saturday with an every other Wednesday thrown in.

Well - you'll have to come to the halloween campout if you can. Would love to meet you!

Definitely. What's it been, almost 3 years since my original "we're gonna try and be there for...". I've already made this one and one other as a "maybe". Figure even if I can't take a day or 2 off, I can at least drive up sat after work or Sunday morning and hang out and meet some great people.

Looking for to this little adventure...

Made it...30 hours and 1300 miles...

Through the I70 tunnel

Well, that temp job lasted 4 months.  I started a position with eBay down in Austin TX back in January '13 where I worked a 5on 5off 12 hour shift, flying back and forth to Denver every 5 days.  That lasted 8 months and now I'm back in Denver working telecom stuff for CenturyLink.  

Was an interesting time learning to stealth camp (live actually) in my bus around the San Jose / San Francisco area.  When I wasn't flying home on my days off I was trying to take in as much of the area as possible.  

Wouldn't do it again but it was a good experience and glad I did.  

San Fran

Golden Gate

Intersection of HWY1 and Coleman Valley Rd

Somewhere on HWY 50 near Lake Tahoe

Camping at Nevada Beach camp ground Lake Tahoe

Meet a couple time with a great group of VW people from the club Deutschland Dubs in Millbrea CA

Doing some laundry in Fulsome CA

I also went to the Bug-In in Sacramento but don't have any of those pix uploaded at this time. 

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