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So some of the camp sites out there seem to have shower facilities and whatnot but some don't and I'm looking for an alternative solution and after a bit of research I stumbled across solar powered showers like this one.

My question to you guys is has anyone tried one like it? Do they work well? And can anyone recommend a model that works well for them?

Any advice would be massively appreciated!

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They don't get overly warm (better than tap water cold, but not what I would call hot by any stretch of the imagination) and they don't typically have a lot of capacity. Also, they tend to work best if they have had all day to hang in direct sunlight (morning showers/hair washing is out with these).


We are considering one of these along with a portable enclosure for privacy of course. Keep in mind that many camp sites will not allow you to use portable showers of any sort as it dumps 'grey water' on the ground, which is a big no-no...

- Randy

What I learned at Burning Man is that a garden sprayer makes decent showers with very little water use....for temp I agree with above....could pore stove heated water into cold water in sprayer...

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