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We live in Montana and have always wanted to take our bus camping in New England/Novia Scotia.  We have decided we don't have the time to drive all the way out there and back sooo we are wondering if anyone knows of a place where we can rent a bus in that part of the world.  There is a place in Missoula (Dragonfly) that rents VW campers so we figure there must be some place in New York or New England where we can rent a bus.  Any suggestions?

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Try mainecampers.com

Thanks Diana for a great suggestion.  I spoke with Jim at Maine Campers today and it sounds like it will work great.  Cheers, 

Diana said:

Try mainecampers.com

Chris, after your trip I would love it if you let me know how it went and how Maine Campers worked out.  Novia Scotia is on my list of places I need to see.    

Will do. Thanks again

Hello Diana

We have just returned from our trip to Nova Scotia.  The trip was fantastic.  When you go you really should try to time your trip to coincide with the Celtic Colours music festival centered in Baddeck on Cape Breton Island.  Cape Breton was gorgeous.  The leaves were fantastic and the coastline is spectacular.  We specially liked camping at Broad Cove.  This time of year there are very few other people in the campgrounds and many of the campgrounds are in fact closing.

I have to give Maine Campers a very mixed review.  Jim Doolittle has 6 Vanagons that he rents.  We rented an 85 and an 86 Synchro.  The campers were not ready when we arrived.  We stood around for 3 hours while Jim finished getting them ready for the road.  An inauspicious beginning.  

On the second day of driving the 85 broke down in near St Johns New Brunswick.  We were very lucky to get to a shop just as they were closing.  The guys were fantastic and determined that the (new) alternator was dead.  Our friends had to rent another vehicle from Enterprise and ended up staying in inns and cottages near where we camped.  Jim did not seem to want to accept any responsibility for the problem.  He suggested that we all travel and sleep in the 86.  We are good friends but that was not happening.

Our bus ran well and was well equipped for camping.  But I had to add about a quart of oil a day.

We picked up the bus on our way back to Maine.  We did Jim a big favor doing this as we had not intended to go back that way.  He was a bit of a pill on a number of things.  Eventually, after much negotiation he refunded the entire amount that he had charged our friends.  

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