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Since today was my 9/80 friday off from work, and I needed to get my westy fix, I took a day trip. I drove through the Santa Cruz mountains (Boulder Creek, Ben Lomand, and Felton) and went to Van Cafe to check out some 15" Rhein wheels. After spending 5 minutes at Van Cafe, I headed to the light house on West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz to check out the surfers, then headed home via highway 1.

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It's only going to get down to -10 tonight, so I think I'd have to drive the Westy a little farther south for my rush....

MINUS 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have snow in La Pine today?  

No snow, only a very light dusting hardly anything, just a little cool...

 I packed my bus with trash and went to the dump...   Good thing the dump was open.

  My day could have turned out like a certain Arlo Guthrie song.

Went to BBB in Arizona, had a blast. Camped on the grass 10 feet to sand beach and the water!   Oh and 400+ other vans and the air show! What a great 4 days.

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