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I know this discussion exists on other sites... I have read them and still the question for me remains...
Who's the "best" insurance company if you have a "classic" vehicle? 

Right now I went through Nationwide and I feel that I am over charged and under covered.  Because of the age of my vehicle (its a 78) I can only have partial coverage.  Is this typical?  My Bus is a daily driver and about to take a large trip and I worry constantly about the possibility of being in a collision at "my fault" and lose my Westy... because my insurance wouldn't pay for the damage to my vehicle...  I would just have to claim it as totaled!  TOTAL BUMMER!

Anyone have any suggestions?  I am signed up for a few more months but want to maybe go with a different company/plan once my 6 mo is up with this one...

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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I have 1978 Champagne Edition Westy which I just had Hagerty Insurance quote based on a $20,000 value. They came back with $418 a year fully covered with extras...give them a try. -RG
Progressive sounds good! I think I will get a quote through them when my 6 month policy is up. thanks Rick!

Rick Meyers said:
I recently changed insurance and went with Progressive. They covered my 73 Westy as an RV and I have a $500 deductable, roadside assistance (free towing), up to $750 allowance in expenses if I have to stay in a hotel while repairs are made and a $9,000 agreed value in case of complete loss. This costs me $228/yr and the only stipulation is the vehicle has to be considered an RV. They only asked if it had a sink, bed and fridge (it does) and I did not have to have it inspected by an agent. They also do not limit miles but it is assumed this is for recreational purposes and not a daily driver. I have not made a claim yet but one of my co-workers had a motorcycle accident and his claim was handeled to his satisfaction with them. Give them a call.
So I did find an insurance plan~ just wanted to update.

i went with Nationwide because I've had them with all of my other vehicles and they have been good to me. To insure both my boyfriend and I its around $300/6 months I believe, I did have some $ taken off for being a customer previously. I also have Trip Interruption Coverage which has really saved me and I would recommend it to others who use their Bus for road trips. Each time you break down Nationwide will cover towing, lockouts, jumping batteries, gas, etc. but they also will reimburse you for lodging and food expenses up to 72 hours after breakdown. That helped us because we broke down in Arkansas at 5:00 on a Friday, so we were able to walk to the nearest hotel and stay for 3 days until the mechanic could fix it for us on Monday. You do have to pay and they will send a check in the mail for your reimbursement in like a week! they are super fast and super friendly and I highly recommend them. it also states that my vehicle is worth $5000 if totaled but, we shall see about that... I'm sure they will try to give me as little as possible if that were to happen but hopefully I shall never find out!
We have Hagerty. My main reason for collector car insurance was that in AZ we have to do emissions every year unless it is designated collector car and Hagerty was one of the few insurance companies that would certify it that way.

The bus is not our daily driver so the mileage fits. They also throw in trailer towing for 120 miles I think which is usually as far as we go on trips.

But I haven't ever had to file a claim with them. That's when you find out how good your insurance is! :-)
Thanks Laura Anne for asking this question and for everyone's replies. I will now call Nationwide, Progressive and Hagerty. I'd used Geico for my Volvo and I added my VW this time last year when I bought it. But Geico would not go above $1000 replacement value, so when I got back to MA from collecting my 71 Westy in Oregon, I put it in the garage and cancelled the insurance. In Massachusetts that annoyingly means you also have to return the plates! We have some very strange insurance laws here.

So when I put the van back on the road in the Spring of 2011, I'll be paying for registration again but hopefully I'll be getting an insurer that covers the real value at around $9000.
Thanks again.
Just switched to Hagarty with all my VWs, after reading good reviews. Fingers crossed.

We are insured through State Farm with our VW 83 Westy and we have full coverage on ours.

I have had State Farm for over 20 year. We have both vintage cars and motorcycles. I pay extra for the replacement value of our cars and bikes. For example my 64 Bug is insured for 7000.00. I pay more on the premium and if it is ever totaled or stolen they will right me a check for 7k.

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