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I'm new to this group. I inherited a 1983 Westy water cooled camper from my Dad.  At mechanics now - will get it back Mon/Tues.  Replacing gas tank, fuel pump & filter, air flow box and a few other things.  When I get it back, I need to get new tires.  If someone could please look at this website (www.sullivanstire.com) and give me their thoughts on the 3 recommended tires (Nexen, Hankook, Kumho).  I have signed up for Bus City in Guerneville and want to have van ready to go.  Look forward to meeting everyone.  Thanks for any help



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I got a set of these last December and have been very happy with them


I had a set of the Hankooks and while they were good tires, I really like the Nokians better.

If you've got the $ go for one of the wheel and tire upgrade packages from gowesty or vancafe.  Handling and stability wise, the difference between night and day.

Kris and Jake,  Thanks for your advice on the tires.  Drove over to Santa Cruz yesterday and had Van-Cafe mount 15 inch tire and wheel package. Also, had a Fiamma awning put on.  Mechanic did great job on engine, van runs wonderful.  If anyone ever needs a good mechanic in the Monterey area, I highly recommend "Just Andy" in Seaside . Specializes in Volkswagens and has worked on my Passat for years.  Going to the Pinnacles for a few days camping then to Guerneville.  Looking forward to meeting other VW campers.  Diana






Just put 2 Hankook on mine.Awesome tire so far.

I have a 78 Westy and 2 years ago I went with the Nexen sidewall reinforced tires and I am glad I did. I can actually drive with one hand now.  

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