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May 2013 Blog Posts (7)

Bus City First Timer

Thanks to the organizers for this years Bus City.

We took Serena up for the event which was out first VW Event.

Had a great time and met some very cool people.

Definitely looking forward to future events.


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Sabine Pass, Texas

Camped at the Sea Rim State Park located in the South-East Corner of Texas near Port Arthur.  Port Arthur is the site of a loat of refinery work.  Sabine Pass has a history of being a valuable military asset since it is possible for boats to proceed up this river delta.  It was the site of a Civil War battle that the Confederacy won.   Near the memorial site are several large machines, perhaps they are drilling rigs under construction.

I stopped for barbecue at Vinces in Port Arthur…


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Grand Isle, Lousiana

After completing my visit in Alabama, I decided to head to Grand Isle State Park located on the southernmost road in Lousiana.  Grand Isle has a storied history, today it is mostly vacation homes called "camps" built on pillars to allow the flooding to pass undernearth.  Not as I imagined; no tall cypress trees with hanging moss.  The frequent hurricanes keep it trimed pretty flat. The nearby Inter Coastal Waterway is the site of a lot of tug boat activity and they work all night.  It was…


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Lake Choctaw, Mississippi

I planned to camp at the Jeff Busby site on the Natchez Trace but it seemed a little too barren and uninviting so I continued on and came across the Lake Choctaw federal campsite, not on the Rand McNally map, in the TOMIBGEE National Forest.  More tall trees, a local secret perhaps.  The camp ground host indicated that he had a nice bunch of regulars that took good care of the place.


The campsite ...…


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Texarkana, Texas

After spending a night with relatives near Lawton Oklahoma, I proceeded to drive east on US-85.  I wanted to avoid the Inter State Highways as much as possible.  I stopped for the night to camp at Atalanta State Park  near the North-East corner of Texas among some very tall trees. The large lake nearby was formerly called Lake Texarkana, now known as the Pat Wightman Lake.  It was renamed to honor a long time East Texas congressman.…


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Road Trip May, 2013, Day 1.

I celebrated my 71st B'Day by embarking from Colorado Springs, Colorado on a road trip that covered much of Texas.  My furthest east destination was  in Alabama. 

Capulin Volcano east of Raton,  New Mexico.


US 64-87 leading straight ahead.…


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Vanagon blues

Hi all,

Head gasket on my Vanagon GL started leaking last night on my way to main, I'm stuck in a motel in Homosassa Fl(not sure about the spelling)

I'm about to get it towed to tallahassee or atlanta to have someone knowledgeable work replace the HG this is the second gasket in three weeks the shop that worked on it in holiday florida was supposed to be good, but well.

If anyone knows about any good shops further north I'll appreciate a text or an…


Added by said abdallah on May 12, 2013 at 7:11pm — No Comments

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